Digital modeling and analysis of global product development and realization processes
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DET2008A System of Rapid Process Planning for Machine FeaturesZhang Fen, Yan XiaoGuang, Chen Zhuoning and Yu Zhangyong
DET20143D Scenes reconstruction from image analysisKanuengit Patoommakesorn, Frédéric Vignat and François VilleneuveLCF
DET2014Automatic Conformance Test Generation based on a Verified Model of a Bus System StandardAgus Atmosudiro, Armin Lechler, Alexander Verl and Tomas MaciasLCF
DET2014Cloud-ready cyber-physical systems in the production environmentRolf Wutzke, Daniel Schel and Manuel WiedenhöferLCF
DET2014Disruptive Communication: Breaking the Jargon BarrierLisa Nazarenko, Gillian Schwarz-PeakerLCF, This
DET2014Evaluating a prototype approach to validating a DDS-based system architecture for automated manufacturing environmentsMaarten Essers, Tom VanekerLCF
DET2014Information Technology for the Factory of the Future – State of the Art and Need for ActionOlaf SauerLCF
DET2014Interoperability between OPC-UA and AutomationMLRobert Henßen and Miriam SchleipenLCF
DET2014Minimising energy consumption for robot arm movementAbdullah Mohammed, Bernard Schmidt, Lihui Wang and Liang GaoLCF
DET2014Optimisation of Weld Seam Configurations Using a Genetic AlgorithmPhilipp Schmidt, Michael Zaeh and Thomas PauleserLCF
DET2014Pattern-based Business Model Development for Cyber-Physical Production SystemsVinzent Rudtsch, Jürgen Gausemeier, Stefan Peter, Judith Gesing and Tobias MittagLCF
DET2014Systematic Productivity Improvement by Deriving and Implementing Target States in the Picking and Packing Value Stream of Original Spare PartsAlexander Sunk, Thomas Edtmayr, Peter Kuhlang and Wilfried SihnLCF
DET2014Virtual Reality based Conjoint Analysis for Early Customer Integration in Industrial Product DevelopmentKlaus Backhaus, Jonas Jasper, Katharina Westhoff, Jürgen Gausemeier, Michael Grafe, Jörg StöckleinLCF