Digital modeling and analysis of global product development and realization processes
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Delegates are invited to submit papers in or related to the following topics:

Product Design and Development:

Product Design, Modelling and Visualisation, Collaborative Engineering, Distributed Design, Cost Engineering, Design for X, Knowledge Based Engineering and CAD/CAM/CAE.

Manufacturing Processes, Technologies and Operations:

Manufacturing Process Modelling and Simulation, Manufacturing Planning and Decision Making, Intelligent CNC Machining, Feature-based Manufacturing, Rapid Manufacturing, Inspection and Measurement, Assembly Planning and Simulation.

Factory and Production Systems:

Virtual Factory, Digital Factory, Cyber-Physical Systems,
Smart Factory, Factory Automation and Control, Man-Machine Interaction, Human-Robot Interaction, Production System Design, Reconfiguration and Optimisation.

IT Systems & Interoperability:

Systems Communication and Interoperability, IT-based Product-Service Systems, Service oriented and Cloud-based environments, Knowledge Management frameworks, Big Data and Data Mining, Social Media Technologies in Design and Manufacturing.

Life Cycle Issues:

Product, Process and Factory Life Cycle Management, Sustainability, Lean Design and Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Reverse Engineering, Product-Service Systems, Product Maintenance, Re-manufacturing and Disposal, and Global Manufacturing Issues.